Neighborhood Pet Partners Program Hits The Ground Running


On January 17, 2016, volunteers and staff from The Animal League, Lake County Animal Services, and Leash, Inc. arranged an introduction to Neighborhood Pet Partners Program by hosting a Bar-B-Que in a neighborhood off Bates Avenue in Eustis, FL. Volunteers served food to more than 30 families and provided free pet food, collars and leashes to families with pets.


The Neighborhood Pet Partners Program is an extension of Nourish the Needy, an existing outreach program offered by The Animal League. Nourish the Needy began in October 2011 and currently provides about 20,000 pounds of pet food to food pantries every year.


“We are excited to begin Phase Two of The Animal League’s outreach program! We want to reach out to the neighbors already utilizing our existing programs and services and make sure their pets are receiving the care they need,” ~ Doreen Barker, The Animal League, Executive Director


The neighborhoods we target are carefully selected using data provided by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Dispatch Units. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office pinpoints areas in Lake County where they receive a high number of calls for stray, unaltered and nuisance animals.


“This program is a great way to illustrate to our community that we are here to help and when we work together, we can make a positive difference for everyone. We can’t wait to see the positive impact this program is going to have in our area.” ~ Todd Luce, Lake County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services, Captain of Animal Services

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